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The creation of value is a natural process in agriculture: From plants we get animal feed which gives energy and this energy is the source of new life. When producing agricultural goods that become nourishment for humans and animals, it is important to use the fields in a way that is ideal in the long run. Modern information technologies (sensors on the ground, in the air and on the machines and also pictures taken by satellites) help us achieve the ambitious goal of finding the perfect treatment for every type of soil.
Years ago we made a commitment in the field of energy generation. With our biogas plant, using the Rückert-NatUrgas®-Procedure, we can produce electricity and heat from methane by using poultry dung and also upgrade the manure we use for our fields. Europe’s largest photovoltaic system is also located in the vicinity of our biogas plant, on a former military airbase. Thereby utilizing an area that could not be used for agricultural purposes in a sensible way.
We rear poultry for human consumption. That is why animal welfare is especially important along every step of the production. Poultry is becoming more and more popular and we fulfill the responsibility we have for humans and animals by contributing to a healthy alimentation.
For a few years now we have been operating some of our trucks with regenerative fuel on the basis of poultry fat. This useful slaughter by-product is processed in a refinery and then put into the tank.
Acting climate-friendly is one of our major concerns: We reduce carbon emissions by heating our farms, hatcheries and administrative buildings with biogas and geothermal energy. Heaters and air conditioning are adjusted perfectly by means of ground heat and well water and with the appropriate reservoirs.

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