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Precision agriculture or site specific crop management

The WIMEX subsidiaries, AGRO-SAT and geo-konzept, have been advancing steadily in this field, while both have kept their individual focus.
AGRO-SAT has been working in precision agriculture for almost 20 years now. They develop software and service solutions that facilitate the collection and use of site-specific information. With this information agricultural machines can be operated precisely according to the requirements of the field, so that the exact amount of fertilizer is used. This data is being collected with sensors that analyze weather and climatic conditions or the humidity of the soil and also imminent and remote sensing devices.
Another subsidiary – geo-konzept – has also more than 20 years of experience to look back on. They work on ways to a more precise navigation of tractors. Automated and assisted steering systems are most certainly not the only fields of investigation. Our technologies for mapping, scouting and navigation are modern and satellite-based. The geo-konzept technologies can also be used in other fields, for example in stone pits their software helps perform controlled detonations. In forestry it can be used to enforce ecological forest-use. No matter the field, the goal is always consistent: get more out of nature by doing it less harm.
The geo-konzept enterprise became a member of the WIMEX-group in 2011. Bringing together the different competences has not only earned the WIMEX-group an excellent market-position but has also promoted synergy within the group. In the agricultural field we employ products and services supplied by AGRO-SAT and geo-konzept. This way we experience firsthand how practical and user-friendly they are and are able to work together closely for improvements. This advance in expertise is also an asset to our agricultural work, we employ fertilizers more precisely and efficiently.