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Veterinary monitoring

Veterinarians with a specialization in poultry take care of our chickens. They count with more than 20 years of experience in this field. In a highly modern laboratory they carry out independent analysis which help them react as fast as possible to any diseases.
The most important aspect of a successful veterinary monitoring is ensuring the health of the animals. To achieve this, you need next to good flock-management and hygiene, also immunization- and monitoring-programs that are appropriated meticulously to your flock.

Just like in human medicine, chickens also receive vaccinations to prevent the most common poultry diseases. That way we can help our animals’ immune system and avert infections.
A vaccine is basically a very week germ that does not make the animals sick but stimulates the production of immune cells. Once there are enough immune cells, they can protect the vaccinated animal because the immune system recognizes the germs faster and can react more efficiently. The animals do not fall sick and they grow healthily.

Animals cannot tell us that something is wrong and some diseases do not show symptoms. Therefore it is especially important to check our animals regularly, so that germs can be found as early as possible. The basis is a well thought-out monitoring-program. We regularly take samples which we check in order to see if our poultry is free of germs such as salmonella and mycoplasmas. In the laboratories modern technology is employed to check the samples.

Same as humans, animals can also contract diseases although they have received immunization. In such cases we use special treatments to help the animals get better. Because of the associated laboratory we can find germs quickly and react with the appropriate treatments in no time.