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To use natural agricultural resources ideally and in a conserving manner, create species-appropriate conditions for a healthy growth of our poultry and generate biomass energy getting the most out of renewable resources – these are the goals that we work for, cooperating closely with scientists and innovators from the private sector. In various research projects the WIMEX-group cooperates with reputable manufacturers of agricultural equipment and prestigious research institutions such as the DLR (National aeronautics and space research center of the Federal Republic of Germany) and the Technical University of Munich. In order to identify the exact requirements for each growing season, we analyze the past years in terms of the following data: quality, moisture and nutrient-level of the soil, leaf color during crop growth, harvest information, weather and climate-data and the used amount of fertilizers and plant protecting products. The information is then processed and technical adjustments are transferred directly onto the tractor-hardware. Precision agriculture is not only about collecting different types of data. Processing them, connecting them and using them as a basis for precise action and technology is just as important. With all of this in mind it has to be our goal to provide the farmers with a practical application that helps them by making the organization of their work in the fields as easy as possible. In the field of poultry-breeding we work together closely with specialists who are recognized both nationally and globally in order to improve animal welfare and to keep the animals healthy. Paying close attention to the animal’s behavior under slightly changed food-, light-, or climate-conditions is as relevant as statistic evaluation of slaughter- and growth-data. In cooperation with veterinaries we are constantly striving to keep our animals healthy. Farm hygiene is a challenging task, nevertheless we always strive to reduce the use of medication. New research approaches are tested, evaluated and modified for further improvement. The WIMEX biogas-plant was a pioneer-project. Until its launch it was not possible to use more chicken manure than silages when generating gas. Again we worked together closely with innovators, to create a concept that would work in the long run and that would have ecological and economical value.