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Sustainable farming

It is natural for us, to use a well thought-out crop rotation, treatments that do not harm the soil and site-specific cultivation with the aid of GPS and modern sensor technology.

The three main goals of our agricultural production are:

  1. Supply feed for the poultry

  2. Supply energy plants for the biogas plant

  3. Supply market fruits

Therefore our crop rotation includes:

  1. Feed grain such as wheat and barley

  2. Energy plants such as corn, sweet sorghum, Sudan grass, sunflowers and green rye

  3. 3. Arable crops such as oilseed rape and sugar beets

  4. 4. Intermediate and leguminous crops that promote soil fertility such as lupines and field beans

We complete the commodity chain by using fertilizers from our own production. Using chicken manure and digestate from our biogas plant helps us reduce the use of mineral fertilizers, which is important because there is a worldwide scarcity in mineral nutrients. We employ very precise technology when fertilizing our fields and collaborate in the development of new fertilizing technologies that, among other aims, reduce the loss of ammonia during the application.

In addition to this we also support the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in their protein crops strategy. This strategy aims at giving Germany more independence from the import of protein plants, which are an important resource for the feed production. In the central European climate those crops do not have a very high yield and the farming costs are higher, which is why we collaborate with plant breeders in the development of new and improved varieties. For more information see the (website of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture).

In order to complete our feed production we plan to grow our own protein crops here at WIMEX. There have been some successful test-runs with soy-plants in the past years. This even helps us expand our crop rotation: the so-called leguminous crops fix nitrogen and improve soil fertility.