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Seeing agriculture with a global perspective

According to an estimation of the United Nations population on earth will count over 8 billion people as of 2025. Population growth and agricultural developments boost the demand for animal products, but areas that can be used for agriculture are limited.
That is why we have the obligation to use the present resources as efficiently as possible and to take good care of the environment. Poultry makes excellent use of feed: an average kilogram of meat can be produced with about 1.6 kg of feed. The meat, with its high levels of protein and low levels of fat, is an important component of the diet of many cultures in the world. Paired with vegetables poultry makes for a wholesome and climate friendly diet (WWF).
In agriculture we are innovative while at the same time being very down-to-earth. Well-trained professionals, innovative technology and the precise and minimal use of fertilizers are the key to our success. For years we have been yielding good harvests while at the same time keeping the high fertility of our soil and without harming the natural resources.
The creation of a wholesome commodity-chain is what makes our work so sustainable: Our poultry husbandry and therefore the use of the chicken manure in our biogas-plant adds the missing link between agriculture and animal husbandry. It is in the biogas-plant, that we complete the nutrient cycle. Agriculture provides the feed for the chickens, while they provide the nutrients for the agriculture.
Because we have been working in this region for a long time, we have a close connection and feel responsible for the area. We want to create a rural area that lives and that is worth living in. That is why we take special care of the Elbe valley and make former areas of surface mining usable again.
The WIMEX-group is based in Baasdorf (Saxony-Anhalt/Germany) which is close to the cities of Magdeburg and Halle. We have been working in this region in the north-east of Germany for 20 years now.

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